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2013 Joint Biology Research Retreat

2013 Joint Biology Research Retreat

September 7th and 8th, 2013 at Biosphere 2 in Oracle, AZ

The Joint Biology Research Retreat encompasses the graduate programs of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology, Cellular & Molecular Medicince, and Immunobiology. In addition to our Keynote Speaker, activities include talks by senior graduate students and new faculty and a poster session for junior graduate students.

Keynote Speaker: Scott Hawley, Ph.D.
Stowers Medical Research Institute

The primary goal of Dr. Howley's research is to understand the mechanisms that control meiotic chromosome behavior at the molecular level.

His lab focuses on elucidating the mechanisms by which chromosomes pair, the mechanism and control of recombination, and the mechanisms that facilitate the faithful segregation of homologous chromosomes. Most of their  studies begin with genetic screens to identify genes and chromosomal sites required for the meiotic process. Indeed, a reviewer of an American Cancer Society grant proposal once stated that they "have raised the genetic analysis of meiosis in Drosophila to an art form". The studies continue by analyzing the phenotypes of those mutants by both genetic and cytological methods (most notably characterizing meiosis in living oocytes).  They then characterize the genes at the molecular level with the goal of elucidating the function and location of their protein products. In addition to the analysis of Drosophila, they have also begun the characterization of meiosis in planaria. But for both organisms their goal remains the same, to understand how the molecular biology of meiosis explains Mendelian inheritance.

For more details, visit his website.


Saturday September 7th

TIME Speaker Department
0900 - 0920 Caviness, Katie IMB
0920 - 0940 Julio Igncio Espinoza BMCB
0940 - 1000 Neha Deshpande IMB
1000 - 1020 Lalitha Madhavan MCB/Neuroscience/Physiology
1020 - 1040 Break Break
1040 - 1100 Yulia Lipovka BMCB
1100 - 1120 Charles Wolgemuth PHYS/MCB
1120 - 1140 Kayla Polzin Biochem
1140 - 1200 Sam Campos IMB
1200 - 1300 Lunch Lunch
1300 - 1600 Free Time Free Time
1600 - 1730 Poster Session Poster Session
1530 - 1900 Dinner  
1900 - 2000 Keynote Speaker  
2000 - ?? Social Time  

Sunday September 8th

TIME Speaker Department
0900 - 0920 Ryan Pace BMCB
0920 - 0940 Stefanie Novak CMM
0940 - 1000 Anita Koshy IMB
1000 - 1020 Vanessa Huxter CBC
1020 - 1040 Break Break
1040 - 1100 Samantha Harris CMM
1100 - 1120 Jennifer Norton BMCB
1120 - 1140 Hsin-Jung (Joyce) Wu IMB
1140 - 1200 Karina Schnittker BMCB
1200 - 1300 Lunch Lunch